Interesting Rowing You Tube Clips


Clip of the moment - Q&A with Head WAIS Coach Lincoln Handley:




Coxing Calls - Coxswain of the 2008 Olympic Champion Men's Eight, people always ask me....what do you do? - Australian LW Mens 8+ Coxswain Call from 2011 Gold Medal Winning crew at World Championships. - A Melbourne Grammar School 1st 8 Coxswain call from 2012 Regatta


Technical Drills on the water - Stuff the Duck by the Australian Womens Pair 2012



Warmup, Stretches and Core Work for Rowing - Stretching Routine for Rowing - Core exercise Routine for Rowing - Warmup for a rowing or ergo session


Ergo workouts



National Team Video's - An insightful interview with Australia's Kim Crow at the Munich World Cup 2012. - A great video from the Australian Women's Pair 2012 about the Hoo Harr in their boat. - Training Video from the Lightweight mens Four and Australian Mens Quad in Tasmania 2012. - Dan Noonan Sculling in Mosman


Great Coaching


Great Races - Oarsome Foursome in 1996 - Australian Men's Eight wins Silver at 2000 Sydney Games - Xtreme Red Bull Rowing


How to?  - How to change the feet hegiht and seat height - How to measure and change the gate height - How to adjust a pair of sweep oars - How to adjust a pair of sculling oars - How to measure the pins on the rowing boat - How to measure the span on the rowing boat - How to make last minute changes in the boat before a race - How to control and measure the pelvic rotation


Rowing Fun: - The 2012 U.S. Womens team enjoying London post their Gold Medal win.



Champion Lakes: - Champion Lakes - Australian Rowing Championships 2012


Local Club Videos: - Curtin Club Video from the State Sprint Championships 2012



 SunSmart  wais tagline

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